Development Roadmap

This page tracks various development projects underway at Princeton. It is organized around the project's level of maturity, with projects moving from design to development to deployment over time.

Design -- Thinking about and discussing new features and revamped components; our "wish list". Soliciting collaborors.
  1. Prototype GENI wrapper for PLC and NM (Soner + GENI WG)
  2. Peering policy enforcement (David)
  3. Rethink Drupal (Reid/Stephen)
  4. Adding support for Meta-sites (Stephen)
  5. Kernel compatibility tests (Stephen)
  6. Federation policies & incentives
  7. Fix PlanetFlow GUI (Reid)
  8. Authentication for delegation (Tony)
  9. PLC Network Monitoring System (Faiyaz/Stephen)

Development -- Actively coding and testing. Includes milestones and timeline. (Gantt chart)
  1. Improve Site Assistant/Monitor Web and DB (Stephen)
    1. Schedule machine downtime (9/20/07)
  2. Improve Monitor (Stephen)
    1. Include PCU nodes (10/1/07)
    2. Correct IPOD.conf (10/1/07)
  3. Improve BootCD (Stephen)
    1. Research existing tools
    2. Include support for tech diagnostics (11/1/07)
  4. All-in-one USB Boot Image (Stephen)
  5. PLC_config for multi-machine installations (Faiyaz/Stephen)
    1. MyPLC config parser update (Faiyaz) (9/30/07)
  6. AJAX Grids for displaying data sets (Reid)
    1. Drupal Integration and more tweaking (10/15/07)
  7. Merging OneLab and PLC web GUIs (Reid, OneLab)
    1. Displaying peering information (9/30/07)
  8. LDAP backend support for PLC (Nick, Faiyaz) (9/23/07)
  9. NM fixes (Faiyaz) (9/23/07)
  10. SVN + trac (Faiyaz) (9/23/07)
  11. Use Stork to update nodes (Faiyaz)
  12. Test scripts (Jeff)

Deployment -- In some stage of deployment (alpha, beta, production)
  1. Polish Telecom pilot (KyoungSoo, Marc)
  2. API Merge w/ PL Europe (Tony) (9/14/07)
  3. Admin events GUI (Tony) (9/14/07)
  4. Upgrade VINI using latest MyPLC (Tony) (9/21/07)
  5. API Support for 3rd party services - GetSliceKeys (Tony)
  6. Alpha testing environment for PLC (Faiyaz, Tony)
  7. Joining PlanetLab tools (Scott)
  8. Automated "Monitor" (Stephen)
  9. 4.2 upgrade (alpha testing now, beta rollout starts October 10th).
    1. Add vsys as alternative to Proper (Sapan)
    2. Simplify VNET (Sapan)
    3. Use-level iptables (Sapan)

Done -- Completed Projects
  1. Improve Site Assistant/Monitor Web and DB (Stephen)
    1. GUI enhancements for Node & PCU registration (9/20/07)
    2. Documentation updates for Site Assistant
  2. Fix GetSliceTicket() (David)
  3. 4.0rc3 MyPLC distribution (Faiyaz)
  4. Assigning attributes to node groups (Tony)
  5. Record when records were last update (Tony)
  6. 4.1 upgrade (Faiyaz)
    1. Generalized delegation mechanism (Faiyaz, David)
    2. CoDemux (KyoungSoo)
    3. Initscript fix (Sapan)
    4. OneLab federation patches (Tony)
    5. Slice whitelist (Tony)
    6. Planetflow deployment fix (Faiyaz)
  7. Hello world demo/tutorial (Jeff, Nick, Dan)
  8. Bandwidth monitor bug fix (Faiyaz)
  9. Create GetBootMedia functionality in PHP (Stephen)