Monitor Suspended

Monitor has been suspended this week, due to operational setbacks. At the beginning of the week the database server was experiencing extreme load, and resulting in timeouts or failed boots by remote sites, complicating support for Monitor tickets. Rather than generate additional traffic, I postponed running monitor again.

The mis-match of the PlanetLab-branch.tar.gz bundle that's downloaded during a 'rins' was fixed for I2 nodes (of which there are many), so that after a rins 'codemux' is correctly installed. It's not clear how this happened other than just a stale version of PlanetLab-branch.tar.gz that didn't get updated to the 4.1 version.

Later in the week, it came to my attention that the bootcd version shipped with the myplc installed on guarddog had the 2.6.20 kernel from CVS HEAD, rather than the 2.6.12 from the planetlab_4-0_branch. As a result, on the order of 20 people have downloaded these, especially the ones who have already been having problems. I believe the mis-match between hardware recognized by the 2.6.20 kernel and 2.6.12 may be causing additional trouble for sites with newer hardware.

The correct bootcd version is being bulit today, and after I have confirmed that things are back to normal, I'll pick up Monitor again, performin damage control on the really hairy sites.