4.1 rc2 Complete. Downtime announced.

I've given OneLab notice that we're taking the CVS down in order to upgrade cvs.planet-lab.org to something a little more modern. I'm taking the machine down after 5am UTC to begin the upgrade.

Marc weeded through CVS and removed the need to build PL using
myplc-devel, which provides a chroot fedora-core 4 environment to build
against. My major task for the next week is moving from CVS to SVN,
attic'ing old projects that are still in our repo. I had a conversation
with Thierry a few months ago concerning how we tag all of planetlab for
every release and how we should move to a scheme were we only tag a
single build package, and specify versions of subpackages needed for
building a particular tag. This will move us away from rebuilding all
of planetlab with each release and allow us to back track and bug fix
without overriding tags when HEAD has moved forward (as was the case
when there was a bug in 4.0 when Daniel was here and the wrong code was
pushed causing slivers to be deleted). This requires a large amount of
plumping to be rerouted but work now will save us headache in the
future. I'm going to tentatively say that this should take a week but
this may change.