PLC in Drupal

I've been playing around with creating a drupal module as a migration for the PLC node pages.  The first test is quite promising.  It seems possible to dynamically create special forms that are currently created within the stand-alone .php scripts for nodes/*.php

The advantage of this approach would be tighter integration with the core of Drupal, and therefore the ability to take advantage of it's built-in url parsing, menu-hierarchy generation, and display.  For instance, the link above, will show the 'edit' and 'view' tabs that you usually see associated with content pages like Announcements, or this Blog entry.  This feels like a very natural extension of the model we already have.  Most people can view a node, but only PIs, Techs and Admins can change it.  Maybe only Techs and Admins.

Requirements for PL Web

Absolutely required:
  1. Theme differentiation between PLC and MyPLC/Federation installs.
  2. Ability to add new content like Announcements, Documentation.
  3. PLC users have access. Non-PLC users do not.
  4. Integration with existing static content, PDNs, PPTs, other documentation.
  5. Integration with existing PHP content, planetlab/nodes, sites, slices, persons, etc.
  6. Easy Backup to prevent data loss.
  7. Short and Long-term maintainablility
  8. Short and Long-term ease of migration from version to version.
It would be nice if,
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