Site Status Google Gadget

To help track the status of nodes at your site, we have created a Google Gadget that reports the last observed status of your machine and the last time the status changed. Please give it a try, and if there's a feature you can think of that would make maintaining PlanetLab nodes easier, let us know at Add the gadget to your google home page by clicking on the button: Add to Google

PlanetLab 4.2 Upgrade Schedule

The PlanetLab 4.2 Upgrade is underway! At the end of the upgrade all machines will be re-installed and include the following new features:

  • Reference image changed from Fedora Core 4, to Fedora 8.
  • Upgrade kernel from 2.6.12 to and VServer from 2.0 to 2.3
  • SMP support!
  • Adding Vsys as a replacement for Proper
  • Upgraded PlanetFlow
  • Allow multiple VServer reference images
  • New kernel features (ipv6, fuse, chopstix, kvm) available for the future.
Follow the 'read more' link to see the schedule.


PlanetLab is engaged in a federation trial with the OneLab Project. The plan is to migrate European nodes and slices to an independent EU authority. Follow the federation link to learn more.

Site Assistant

PlanetLab Operations is developing a new tool, called Site Assistant, to help sites keep their nodes running and connected to PlanetLab. In addition, we will begin running a program called Monitor to notify a Site's Technical Contact and PI about observed problems with registered PlanetLab machines. The set of machines affected will be increased gradually. For additional details on when your machines will be affected, please see the Deployment Schedule. As well, for details on the policy that Monitor implements to encourage continued site participation, please see Monitor Policy.

ROADS Workshops

A series of international workshops on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems (ROADS) is being scheduled, with initial meetings in Belem (June 1, 2007) and Warsaw (July 11-12, 2007).

PlanetLab Upgrade

We have recently upgraded PlanetLab to Version 4.0. Part of the upgrade involved revamping this website. If you are looking for content that used to exist on this website, please check the old website.

PlanetLab Services

Many user services run continuously on PlanetLab, generating the majority of our traffic and facilitating many other experiments both on and off the network. View an updated list of long-running services.

Sirius Upgrade

The Sirius calendar service has been upgraded to allow users to acquire guaranteed resources across PlanetLab. During a reserved time slot, a slice is granted 25% of each processor's CPU capacity, and 2 Mbps of link bandwidth. Login to reserve resources for your slice.

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