2002 August - PlanetLab Meeting

The second PlanetLab underground meeting was held at Carnegie-Mellon University on August 20, 2002 (during SIGCOMM), in the Mellon Auditorium on CMU campus. About 70 people attended.

This was the published agenda in PDF. This page summaries the sessions, slides, talks, and notes taken at the meeting.


Introductory Discussion, Status, Goals, Agenda:

  • Larry Peterson: "PlanetLab: Status Report and Research Agenda" [ppt slides, pdf slides] Larry's slides also contain updates made during the day.
  • Timothy Roscoe: "PlanetLab: Phase 0 Overview and Status Report" [ppt slides, pdf slides]

Morning break-out sessions:

Afternoon working groups:

  • VMM/Kernel
  • Standard Services
    • What's a core service and what's not [offline]
    • Definition of a slice (Amin Vahdat) [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • Instrumentation (John Wroclawski)
  • Applications
    • Apps versus services: how do we attract users? [offline]
    • DHT bakeoff (Ion Stoica)
    • Applications requirements (Vivek Pai) [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Layer-2 experiments (Sandy Fraser)