2002 December - PlanetLab Meeting

The third PlanetLab meeting was be held on Sunday, December 8th at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, to coincide with OSDI in Boston, MA.

Address: Room 518, 5th floor, 200 Technology Square, Cambridge.

Directions to the building can be found at http://www.lcs.mit.edu. During the meeting there will be wireless access to the Internet.


9:00 - 10:30 Current PlanetLab Arch. and Implementation, and near future developments. Chair: Timothy Roscoe
  • Larry Peterson/David Culler: Introduction and welcome.
  • Timothy Roscoe: PlanetLab: Overview and Current Status. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Robert Adams: Tools and Infrastructure. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Brent Chun: Slices and VServers. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Mike Wawrzoniak: Networking and Silk.
  • Aki Nakao: A Divert Mechanism for Service Overlays. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Mic Bowman: PlanetLab Growth. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • David Culler: Summary and agenda for the rest of the day.
  • All: Feedback
11:00 - 12:00 Resource Allocation / Dynamic Slice Creation. Chair: Amin Vahdat


1:00 - 2:00 Virtualization. Chair: Steve Gribble
  • Steve Gribble: Virtualization Session [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Steve Hand: XenoServers and PlanetLab [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Timothy Roscoe: Isolation Kernels: A Busted Flush? [ppt slides, pdf slides]
  • Larry Peterson: Network virtualization
  • Panel on the degree of virtualization: Steve Gribble, Steve Hand, Mothy, Larry

  • 2:00 - 3:30 Experiences with Services / Emerging Common Subservices. Chair: Frans Kaashoek
    • New services that you have developed that might be useful to others
    • Services that you have found useful
    5-minute (3-slide) presentations:
    • Ben Zhao: Tapestry on PlanetLab [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • Sean Rhea: Concerns over Bandwidth Limitations on PlanetLab [pdf slides]
    • Frank Dabek: The Chord lookup system on PlanetLab [pdf slides]
    • Vivek Pai: CoDeeN: A CDN for PlanetLab [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • Tom Anderson: ScriptRoute: A Facility for Distributed Internet Measurement. [pdf slides]
    • Matei Ripeanu: Running Globus' Replica Location Service on PlanetLab testbed. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • David Andersen: MIT RON Testbed Update. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • Amy Hughes: X-Bone: Automated IP Overlay Networks. [pdf slides]
    • Amin Vahdat: A Planetlab Network Configuration Service. [ppt slides, pdf slides]
    • Joe Hellerstein: PIER query processor
    • Lakshminarayanan Subramanian: OverQoS

    4:00 - 5:00 What's next. Chair: David Culler
    Topic list developed over the day

    Meeting Notes


    • Here are a couple of pictures taken by Robert during the meeting