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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Authentication
1.2. Roles
1.3. Filters
1.4. PlanetLab shell

Sept 17-23


PI at a site wasn't able to view/update node info at their site because some nodes had a whitelist. Had to modify the whitelisting policy so that site members, and slice mememebrs on the whitelist can see whitelisted nodes.


A user downloaded and installed a myplc with a broken schema. User was advised to download another version. 

Adding Nodes To A Site

When the guardog myplc was recently updated we lost functionality that allowed pi/tech's with multiple sites to choose which site to add a node to. This functionality was added again and checked into cvs.

PlanetLab Central API Documentation

PlanetLab Central API Documentation

PlanetLab Central API Documentation

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. Authentication
1.2. Roles
1.3. Filters
1.4. PlanetLab shell
1.5. Interfaces
2. Registry Interface
2.1. Public
2.1.1. Addresses AddSiteAddress DeleteAddress GetAddresses UpdateAddress
2.1.2. Slices AddSlice DeleteSlice GetSlices UpdateSlice
2.1.3. Keys AddPersonKey DeleteKey GetKeys UpdateKey
2.1.4. People AddPerson DeletePerson GetPersons UpdatePerson
2.1.5. Sites AddSite DeleteSite GetSites UpdateSite
2.1.6. Nodes AddNode DeleteNode GetNodes UpdateNode
2.2. Admin
2.2.1. Keys AddKeyType DeleteKeyType GetKeyTypes BlacklistKey
2.2.2. Addresses AddAddressType DeleteAddressType GetAddressTypes UpdateAddressType AddAddressTypeToAddress DeleteAddressTypeFromAddress
2.2.3. Roles AddRole DeleteRole GetRoles
2.2.4. People VerifyPerson NotifyPersons ResetPassword
3. Management Interface
3.1. Public
3.1.1. Boot BootGetNodeDetails BootUpdateNode RebootNode
3.2. Admin
3.2.1. Network_Settings AddNodeNetworkSetting AddNodeNetworkSettingType DeleteNodeNetworkSetting DeleteNodeNetworkSettingType GetNodeNetworkSettings GetNodeNetworkSettingTypes UpdateNodeNetworkSetting UpdateNodeNetworkSettingType
3.2.2. Nodegroups AddNodeGroup DeleteNodeGroup GetNodeGroups UpdateNodeGroup
3.2.3. Boot_State AddBootState DeleteBootState GetBootStates BootNotifyOwners
3.2.4. Messages AddMessage DeleteMessage GetMessages UpdateMessage
3.2.5. Conf_Files AddConfFile DeleteConfFile GetConfFiles UpdateConfFile
3.2.6. Network_Types AddNetworkType DeleteNetworkType GetNetworkTypes AddNetworkMethod DeleteNetworkMethod GetNetworkMethods
3.2.7. Pcus AddPCU DeletePCU GetPCUs UpdatePCU
3.2.8. Node_Networks AddNodeNetwork DeleteNodeNetwork GetNodeNetworks UpdateNodeNetwork
3.2.9. Nodes AddNodeToPCU DeleteNodeFromPCU
3.2.10. Informational GetEvents GetEventObjects GetBootMedium GetPlcRelease NotifySupport
4. Slice Interface
4.1. Public
4.1.1. Attributes AddSliceAttribute DeleteSliceAttribute GetSliceAttributes UpdateSliceAttribute
4.1.2. Peers RefreshPeer GetPeerData
4.1.3. Sliver Create Ticket Destroy Start Stop GetEffectiveRSpec GetRSpec GetLoans SetLoans
4.1.4. Node_State GetSSHKeys GetXIDs
4.1.5. Slices GetSliceTicket AddSliceToNodes DeleteSliceFromNodes GetSlivers GetSlicesMD5 UpdateSlice
4.2. Admin
4.2.1. Whitelists AddSliceToNodesWhitelist DeleteSliceFromNodesWhitelist GetWhitelist
4.2.2. Initscripts AddInitScript DeleteInitScript GetInitScripts UpdateInitScript
4.2.3. Peers AddPeer DeletePeer GetPeers UpdatePeer GetPeerName
4.2.4. Attributes AddSliceAttributeType DeleteSliceAttributeType GetSliceAttributeTypes UpdateSliceAttributeType
4.2.5. Slice_Instantiation AddSliceInstantiation DeleteSliceInstantiation GetSliceInstantiations

Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

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